Xmas Plans..... 🎄

What’s everyone up to over the holidays?

Unfortunately it looks like Tier 4 is going to have scuppered a lot of people’s plans in much of the country.

Here in Birmingham, we’re still in Tier 3. But for all intents and purposes I plan on acting as if we’re in Tier 4. Several of my family members have had COVID and I feel like I might have escaped it by the skin of my teeth.

So it’ll just be a quiet Xmas at home with myself and @kimmurd :heart:


We were only planning on seeing my mum on Christmas Day anyway so it’s not really changed our plans too much. We did have a friend who we were planning to see during the other few days but would probably have sat outside anyway.

Still pretty depressing Christmas for us as we’re very family oriented - last year we had 23 for Christmas Dinner and Christmas Eve.


Sister in Coventry, not going there. Shopping still to be done but there’s always Sainsbury’s online.

Probably online in Warcraft saying hi to guildies.

Got my music, FaceTime for sis, might even pop in here and other online communities.

haven’t a clue what’s on the box but FreeView can help out there.

Not much different from normal really :nerd_face:


I’m working this week (trying to spend the time writing some new content; spent all day today with @Lily chatting about it!), then Xmas day will be with my mum and dad here.

We were planning to have my brother and his family over, but won’t now because of the new restrictions. My mum is a bit sad to not be seeing her grandchildren, but we’ll be ok. Still so grateful that we all have our health and our jobs.

Wow, 23 last year year at Christmas, Andrew!! That’s huge. My family’s Asian and we don’t even normally roll like that :sweat: My gatherings in the US (where a lot of my cousins are) can be more like that though.

Colin, I love your updates. They always make me smile. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the simple pleasures too. Eg big win of this weekend for me was ordering a new American-style fridge freezer :muscle:t5: It’s been such a hassle getting rid of the old one and ordering a new one from a retailer who will fit it, but am getting there :pray:t4:


Btw, if anyone feels like they could do with a little company over Xmas, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll just be at home with my parents, possibly doing my tax return (:nerd_face:) and chilling.

Always happy to have a chat if anyone needs it (just DM me if so) :heart:

Xmas will be hard for everyone this year, but we’re in it together at least :handshake: