"Why it’s easy to hate Facebook but hard to leave" - The Washington Post

Good read!

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I used to have an Facebook account many years ago but deleted it and never looked back.

Honestly, I’ve been using social media less and less the past few months. Some of what I’m learning about it all, and just realising how some of the habits I have in reaching for my phone in those bored moments aren’t good long-term habits, is really making me think!

That all said, I know a lot of good came from my use of social media in the past. Eg connections with friends I wouldn’t have stayed in touch with otherwise and even finding an awesome flat to rent in Soho, London!

So maybe it’s more just that it’s diminishing returns for me now in a lot of cases.

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Yeah I completely understand, don’t get my wrong I’m a real Twitter head but Facebook doesn’t appeal to me and I (as I’ve said above) deleted my account a while ago now.

I can see what’s additive about it, as you add your friends so it’s great to see what they are doing and what they are into and what they are posting. For me it’s like if I wanted to know what you’ve had for dinner I’ll give you a call and ask. :grin:

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