What video game are you playing at the moment? 🎮

I’m currently playing Yakuza : Like A Dragon on PS4, and after that gonna play Spider Man :sunglasses:

Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima on PS4. I’ve finished Spider-Man and the DLC - loved it.

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Ah, I completed Ghost of Tsushima about 2 months back - absolutely incredible game, defo a contender for Game Of The Year! I didn’t really get into the multiplayer but the single player storyline was absolutely incredible. Loved all the stealth attacks, and the scenery is beautiful. The final battle with Khotun Khan was a lot of fun, and finding all the poetry spots and hot springs.

I don’t think I’ve ever 100%'d a PS4 game with collecting every single item and trophy etc but with Ghost I came damn close - 90% or so before they added the multiplayer which pushed it back down a bit since it has it’s own trophies.

So I finally started Spider Man, and I’m honestly not fully bought into it yet. I think it’ll take me some time to get into it.

The combat seems overly difficult at first, but I’m sure once I level up and acquire more abilities this will balance out. Some of the puzzle parts, like matching the frequency waves on the towers, seems a bit dull.

And the vast array of unlockable outfits seems strange. I seem to have about 5 or 6 already, but some of them have benefits of using them and some of them don’t, which is a little odd.

Still, swinging around New York is quite enjoyable.

But at this stage in, I was definitely more immersed in Ghost of Tsushima. The plot seems to be moving slowly on this one.

Ok, played a bit more last night and definitely getting more into it now that my character has more abilities. I’ve got the suit that comes with the “Spider Bro” ability which is a lot of fun, and the extra airborne web shot and airborne movements which is making swinging around much easier and more fun. Still waiting for the plot to pick up the pace though.

I want to get this game but waiting until I get a PS5 - was hoping to pick one up this / next month but think the lockdown might continue to make getting hold of one difficult.

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Oh, I was talking about the original, not Miles Morales. I’ll wait for PS5 for that one also.

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In other news, I just bought a Switch with the Link’s Awakening remake! It’s arriving tomorrow. I loved the original Link’s Awakening as a kid so it’ll be nice to revisit and then grab Breath Of The Wild after that.

Also eyeing up Ring Fit Adventure since we have no idea how long this lockdown will last and I’m averse to going outside in the cold weather for exercise!

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Ahh - I’ve got that one and love it. Story is great too. One of the few games I’ve brought and completed most of the DLC as well!

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Ok, I just got to the part where Officer Davis gets killed by the Demons and you play as his son Miles (who I presume is Miles Morales?) to find his body. That’s a great setup to the sequel.

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Got to the part where Dr Octopus goes mad and breaks all the supervillains out of the Raft. It’s really getting interesting now! Fighting Electro and Vulture at the same time was awesome!

Finally beat the main storyline last night so onto the DLC tonight :raised_hands:

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In full on Zelda mode right now … Just started Breath Of The Wild and really enjoying it!


OK Breath Of The Wild is insanely good. Highly recommended. It is, by far, the biggest world of any open-world game I’ve played personally, and with a lot of depth and diversity in all the areas. I’ve explored 4 or 5 areas quite a lot and still barely unlocked any of the total map.

I think I’ll be playing this game for a long time!

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