What phone are you currently using? 📱

Thought this would be an interesting thread. What phone(s) are you currently using, and are you thinking about upgrading or changing phone any time soon? If so, what have you got your eye on?

I’ll start. I’m a double-wielder, so I always have one Android device and one iOS device.

Unfortunately, my main Android device - a Pixel 4 XL - recently broke (won’t turn on at all), so I am presently using a Xiaomi 10T Lite. I’m very impressed with it considering it was only £200. It has 5G, a really nice large display and a 120Hz refresh rate, which the Pixel didn’t have despite costing a lot more. There’s a small, but not very noticeable performance decrease from the Pixel, and the camera processing isn’t as good in some situations (such as low light), and there’s some UX stuff that isn’t as friendly as the Pixel, but I like it a lot.

My present iOS device is a iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is a very good phone, but like most Apple stuff, I’m not quite sure it’s worth what they charge for it. In a lot of situations, the experience between the £200 Xiaomi and the £1000+ 12 Pro Max is identical, which is interesting to see how the small the experience gap is compared to the price gap.

When I get the Pixel fixed, I’m considering selling both the Pixel and the Xiaomi and maybe getting the OnePlus 9 when that comes out.

How about you all? :slight_smile: :iphone:

iPhone SE v2 cos I left my trusty iPhone X at my sisters this weekend when it fell out of my pocket in the car.

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I’m on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ currently. Got it cheap from Amazon.de when they had a massive tax cut after the first lockdown last year. No plans to upgrade, I’m absolutely loving it. I’ll probably look to change when the battery starts deteriorating after 18-24 months or so.

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In November 2020 I bought iPhone 12 mini, first because I like iOS a lot, then because mini phones really look cute and suitable for my stylish girly purses, hehe. My choice was red color and I’m really happy with it. The camera is amazing! You can see a photo that I’ve recently taken with it.

My previous phone was iPhone 8+, it still works great, the battery health is 85% and it’s not damaged at all. They offered me around 200 EUR discount if I decide to buy Mac M1, which is not a bad offer. Probably I can get it better in some unofficial store, but we shall see.

Until I finally decided to switch on iOS, I had some Nokia and Samsung phones, none of them lasted more than 2 years in my hands, lol.