What are your tips for event moderation (online and offline)?

What are everyone’s best tips and tricks on moderating online events?

One of the community builders I know (Jen Yip from The Renaissance Collective) has co-authored this incredible article on moderating online events with featured guests.

It’s a really awesome step-by-step guide, by far the best I’ve come across…ever :wink: Not only what you need to do, but how also. :raised_hands:

Keen to see what everyone else have been referring to and best lessons learnt!


This looks great, Aušrinė! Just saved to my Pocket - will give it a read :+1:

This is something I found a couple of months ago that I still want to go back to and fully digest: https://medium.com/@dbhurley/conflict-resolution-in-a-community-1fc1f1150296

There’s good stuff in there about how we ultimately prevent. mitigate and manage conflict escalation in the global community we want to build.