Two Sphere roundtable events next week!

Happy Wednesday :tada:

We’ve got two events coming up next week for those of you experiencing challenges in your groups that you might want to discuss :speaking_head:

First up, a roundtable on Tue 8 Dec from 5:00 - 6:30pm to discuss what challenges student society executive/committee members are experiencing and share ideas about how we can solve them. It’ll likely be focused on student societies, but anyone is welcome to join (even if you’re not in a student society!).

Some background on that from my awesome colleague, @ausrine:

We always love talking with community builders, and in November we had a number of conversations with leaders of student societies across various universities in the UK. Turns out… :drum: being on a student society committee / exec team is a LOT of work. And those of you who are leading your societies through COVID deserve an extra hug :hugs: as you battle through the uncertainty and try to come up with new ways to attract and retain members and pull new ideas for community engagement out of thin air… How can we help each other?

Second, a similar roundtable on Thu 10 Dec from 3:00 - 4:30pm, but more specifically focused on how we can better engage our communities online in these difficult times. There’ll likely be a lot of student members present, but again, this is completely open to all :open_hands:

Feel free to throw in feedback or ask questions about any of these events if you have them. Otherwise check out the Luma page links for more info on them :eyes: