The Sphere Weekly Journal! πŸ““

Love this :heart_eyes: I was thinking over the weekend, at some point, I think we want a super high level of transparency about internal workings/projects both in the company and the community.

Eg there could be developer events in the future for people interested in diving deeper into tech discussions. Something Johannes from the Sphere team has mentioned before too.

I think a bunch of the Monzo folks we have here (eg @Chris @Kolok @ColinRobinson @jtaylor69) might have come from its development community and/or might be interested in discussing tech stuff more.

As soon as we have enough people interested in something here, we should do it! :wink:


Hello everyone,

I’m Fabio, and I’m also a member of the backend team.

This week is part of the final stage of a couple of projects so I’ve been divided into active development on the Admin Pinboard feature, as well as a code reviewer for both the Pinboard and Events projects.

It was also a good week in terms or software architecture. This week we started using something that we call internally as: β€œUse Case extension”. Without getting into too much detail, this is an approach we have been exploring in order to have simpler ways to implement use cases that affect multiple services, making such use cases easier to implement and, at the same time, making the code cleaner and easier to understand but the other developers.