The Netflix / Amazon Prime / Disney+ Thread! 📺

What’s everyone been watching recently?

I have been informed by multiple people that The Queen’s Gambit is worth watching. So that’s on the list! Plus, the new Netflix biopic series on Selena (as in the Mexican singer who was murdered) is coming out in a few days. I loved the movie they made about her in the 90s (starring Jennifer Lopez) so definitely looking forward to that.

To my shame, a month after subscribing to Disney+ I have so far only watched one thing on it! But hoping to start watching The Mandalorian soon :slight_smile:

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We’ve just got a free 2 months to Disney Plus so going to see what’s on it!

On Netflix we’ve been watching:

The Fall
Don’t F@!k with Cats
Queens Gambit


Queen’s Gambit is pretty good! A few reviews have said this, but it feels like a true story as you’re watching it, even though it’s actually just super well-written fiction.

I liked the first few seasons of The Fall, but couldn’t stick to it on the last season. Seemed to change in style a lot :thinking:

Currently watching The Crown (from the beginning)! I’m not really a monarchy fan, so sometimes I find it triggers a lot of my anti-establishment sentiment as I’m watching it :joy: But the characters go through a lot of pain with those issues too, so keen to keep watching and see what I learn.

Oh, one more recommendation: Trollhunters. It’s an animated show, but is action packed, well written and funny! Stars Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) and Lena Headey (Cersei from Game of Thrones), among others :stars:


I’m currently watching Vikings on Prime, I watched the Last Kingdom some time ago and enjoyed it so I’m giving Viking a go, so far pretty good.


The Undoing - found the first episode a bit slow but got me hooked now!

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I’m about halfway through The Queen’s Gambit and thoroughly enjoying it! I never forget a face, so instantly recognised the guy who plays Benny Watts because he was in my favorite ever Doctor Who episodes - Human Nature / The Family of Blood (when he was very young!)


Loved Vikings!! Ragnar Lothbrok is a wicked character. Love his mannerisms and the struggles he goes through.

One other show I’ve loved recently: Big Mouth. It started off as just a funny and animated satire about children going through puberty, but in later seasons offers real (and hilarious) social commentary about mental health, trans and racial issues etc.

Solid, entertaining and thoughtful watching.

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I started watching Big Mouth and only watched the first few episodes. Sounds like it’s developed a lot more. Might try watching again.

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Yeah, it defo is a certain brand of humour. There’s lots of funny shows that other people recommend that aren’t necessarily my thing (eg Brooklyn Nine-Nine), so think we all just find different things amusing!

Anyone else been watching WandaVision on Disney+? It’s so good :slight_smile:

I’ve heard nothing but praise for it. Not watched it yet though.

Apparently there’s a new Beavis & Butthead movie being made! I’m very pleased about this.