The Huel/Saturo/Soylent/Jimmy Joy Etc thread! 🥤

I’m sure we’ve got a few users here!

Backstory for me:

I became one of the earliest Huel customers in early 2016 - two jobs ago. My job at that time didn’t offer long lunch breaks and there wasn’t much choice in the area. Basically, it was impossible to find something that was quick, nutritious and inexpensive, so I regularly had to make compromises and either eat bad food or waste most of my lunch break making something decent.

Since then, I’ve pretty much tried everything on the market, and for the most part, I like Saturo the most (Ready to Drink and Bars), but it’s expensive. I haven’t actually had any Huel powder since the last time they changed the recipes (when they introduced Huel Black) so another order may be in my future soon. But, Jimmy Joy have some new products out that I’m keen to try too.

I know there’s a few Huel users in here, so would love to hear recipes and thoughts.


I’m totally new to Huel and have the Black Banana and Chocolate flavours which I’m trying out. Interested to hear different suggestions on how to use them.


How are you getting on with it? I’m thinking of getting onboard the Huel train.


Generally good - the banana is a much nicer flavour than the chocolate one. I tend to prefer a little hot water in the chocolate one so
I can pretend it’s hot chocolate! :joy:

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I fell off the bandwagon and really need to get back on it. Will probably order some more Saturo on payday. Soylent doesn’t appear to be available in the UK anymore, which is a shame.


Bought some Vanilla Saturo :slight_smile:

Experimenting with adding inulin and green banana powder to it to increase satiety.