Sphere Talks #003 - The November Town Hall 🏯

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m thrilled to announce our next event - The November Town Hall. This is the third event in our “Sphere Talks” series and they’ve been a great success to date.

The November Town Hall will be on Friday 27th November from 7pm-9pm.

The line-up is as follows:

Host: @Simon (That’s me! :blush:)
Product Update: Charlie Pollard (Sphere Product Manager)
Discussion / Q&A with Jeff Szczepanski (Sphere Chief Operating Officer)

The theme of the discussion / Q&A will be on the general subject of building a better internet and building better communities.

RSVP here and we hope to see you there!

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Excited to catch up with everyone tonight at the Town Hall!

Quick note: Please come armed with questions! I’ll be leading a discussion with/interviewing Jeff, but we want this to be very participatory and get other people’s opinions on the community and product problems we’ll be talking about :blush:

Rough agenda as follows:

  1. Intros (15 mins)
  2. Charlie’s product talk (30 mins)
  3. Break (10 mins)
  4. Jeff’s interview and discussion (60 mins)
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Thanks so much for attending, everyone! Hope you had fun and left with a few things to think about.

Hoping to get the video up on YouTube next week :slight_smile:

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Really good to hear the team talk so passionately about everything and to put some faces to names. Look forward to the next one.