Sphere Product Roadmap & Updates 🛣

Our Product Roadmap can be found here, and all updates will be shared to this thread!

Historical Timeline of Updates:

18th December: GIF support now on Web!
14th December: DMs fully released, GIFs out on Android and iOS
11th November: Emoji Reactions Released!
23rd October 2020: Reply to Message on iOS released
21st October 2020: Reactions moved to In Progress, Send Videos has launched.
14th October 2020: Delete Messages on iOS has landed - card moved to Released.
29th September 2020: Launch of the public roadmap!

So, we’re currently in Phase 10, and here’s the list of things we hope to ship by the end of this phase, which is at the end of this year. We may not hit the deadline for all of this stuff, but we should get quite close!

:sphere: Phase 10 Product Update Objectives:

Reactions :white_check_mark:
Direct Messages (DMs) :email:
Xmas GIFts :christmas_tree::joy:
Link Previews :link:

Not yet shipped:
Add People To Secret Chat :shushing_face:
Edit Messages :pen:
Events :partying_face:


Hey everyone! Welcome to 2021 :partying_face:

I just came out of the planning session meeting, and we’re now officially in Phase 11. Here’s some information, and the roadmap has been updated to match.

Phase 11 :new_moon:

In this phase, we’re doubling down on differentiated features. So, for this phase, almost all product work will be on two things.

Events :partying_face:

We’re building out a system to allow people to create and manage events that other users can easily keep track of and RSVP to. It will be simple, powerful and fun! Watch this space for sneak peeks soon.

Bulletin Board (Name TBD) :pushpin:

We’re creating a more centralized space in a Sphere to allow users to easily keep abreast of, and take easy action on the important stuff happening within the Sphere. I personally think of it as ideally being a living pulse of the group.

Other Stuff To Note:

I have created a new column on the roadmap to signify things that have been partially released. Because the majority of engineering time this phase will be on the features above, it is not fully clear when the parity items will be fixed, however, as it stands, these are just two things:

  • Link Previews are out on Web and iOS, but not on Android. :globe_with_meridians::apple:
  • Add People to Secret Chat is out on Web, but not on Android or iOS. :globe_with_meridians:

Although we can’t commit to an ETA on either of these, we hope to still get them picked up sometime this phase. If it turns out, for example, that something blocks progress for a period of time on Events and Bulletin Board, we can slot these in to get picked up at that time. We’ll be sure to update on this when there’s news!