Sphere community values

Hey all, I’ve been talking a little bit about values with some of you in the past few months, but I want us to start getting more explicit about the values we want for our Sphere community.

I’ve also just written this post on why communities need values, FYI. I’d love feedback on the post, so please do share if you have any - good or bad!

I’ve been thinking about proposing the following values for us.

  • Psychological safety (the best teams make it safe for each other to take risks and support each other through both success and failure)
  • Intellectual humility (none of us understands everything, but if we keep open minds, we can always learn more from each other)
  • Inclusivity (we all share one planet; let’s figure out how to live, learn and love together, not apart)
  • Servant leadership (leaders are there to empower and serve others, not issue orders)
  • Vulnerability (the root of all courage, creativity and innovation)
  • Accountability (assigning roles and responsibilities so the community gets things done effectively)

What do people think? Do these resonate with people? What are we missing or what else should we be thinking about?

Once @simon and I are back properly in Jan, we’ll work on setting up our next events. I’d love to discuss all this values stuff in more depth at one or more of those!