Ready Player Two 👾

The book comes out tomorrow! I really enjoyed the movie, and when I heard about this book coming out I realised I’d never actually read the first book. So I’m reading it now. Hoping to finish it in the next couple of days then jump straight into the sequel :slight_smile:

It’s interesting how closer to reality the book is compared to when it first came out. Virtual Reality is really a thing now, I have an Oculus Quest 2 headset and it’s not far removed from what’s described in the book. In fact, the author, Ernest Cline is actually doing a book launch event inside a VR app called Bigscreen, which I’m hoping to attend!

Anyone else read the first book or seen the movie? It was so cool when they were filming it, because a lot of the outdoor stuff was filmed here in Birmingham, where I live. Steven Spielberg shut down two big sections of the city centre and I remember seeing the sets and all the Hollywood video/audio trucks.

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Got it on Preorder for Kindle. A good holiday read!


It’s arrived! :raised_hands:t4:

Go on your own Virtual Treasure Hunt:

I wish I knew how to use Roblox :joy:

Hoping to attend this though!

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I read the first book and enjoyed it, although having almost never played any games I’m sure I missed a lot of reference! Originally my plan was to read it so I could enjoy the film more, but I’m still yet to watch the film…

I’m currently reading a (very good) 1000 page novel about the first world war, so it’ll be a while before I’m ready to start anything new, but Ready Player 2 will definitely be on the shortlist :books:

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Ernest Cline continuing to prove he has excellent taste.

No less than 16 Prince and Prince-written songs on the “Ready Player Two” book soundtrack :fire::fire::fire:

ok very weird sense of world’s colliding now.

apparently Prince plays a huge role in Ready Player Two, there’s a whole world named after the Love Symbol and various incarnations of him appear on that world as NPC’s.

this is a very strange feeling :joy:

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