POLL: What messenger app do you use the most? 🤔

What messenger app do you use the most?
  • WhatsApp :whatsapp:
  • Telegram :telegram:
  • Slack :slack:
  • iMessage :apple:
  • Discord :discord:
  • FB Messenger :fbmessenger:
  • Other

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Would love to know which one/s you think you use the most, and why? You can only pick one, but you can talk about others!

For me, unfortunately, it’d have to be Whatsapp :whatsapp:


  • most people are on it
  • my family chat is on it, including international

I definitely don’t enjoy the experience though.

As for others:

Slack is for work. Although I am in non-work communities, it’s not a great experience for them IMO.
FB Messenger is very… random. And I don’t think it’s particularly fun. Telegram is OK, but it still feels like a more powerful Whatsapp. Discord, I think doesn’t have great UX for me personally. And there’s not much in there around bringing people closer. I can’t say I feel close to anyone I’ve talked to on Discord. iMessage is a non starter, since I’m a multi-platform guy.

How about you?

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I chose WhatsApp because almost all my friends/family chats happen in there. This is my go-to app to check for messages. I do have one friend group that always messages in FB Messenger for some reason, but I forget to respond in there. In general, though, I guess technically I probably message on Slack the most, because work is 5 days a week all day!

But I’m in a Slack community with other product marketers and I never message because I honestly forget about it. It’s because other slack groups are hidden in some menu in Slack. And I spend the majority of my time in our sphere slack.