Our first Sneak Peek! Introducing.... our upcoming Events feature! 🎈

Hey everyone! :wave:

One of the things we’ve been excited to start doing on the forum is sharing sneak peeks of what we’re working on. So we set up a category for it and here’s the very first one!

I mentioned in our Roadmap Updates thread earlier this week that we have two main things we’re working on this phase. One of them is Events.

The Goal :soccer:

What we decided to start building towards the end of last year was a simple, powerful way for groups to organise events. Some of our principles were that the solution must be easy to use, link well with chats where the discussion of the event is happening, and keep people up to date with attendance and changes. Basically, we wanted to take all the hassle out of organising events!

What we did during the planning was separate out what we wanted to do into two stages - the Version 1 MVP that covers the foundations, and the stuff that we want to do to improve it for a V2.

So without further ado, here’s a handful of sneak peek screenshots of how the V1 is shaping up. I’m happy to say we’re on track to ship this, this phase (which means within the next 8 weeks).

So in these first three screenshots, you can see:

  • What an active event looks like on the feed. You can see that there’s a call-to-action (CTA) button inviting you to RSVP, and the details show the date, time, name and a graphic of the event.

  • When you tap on the event, you see the event detail screen. Here you’ve got a description of the event, the section which shows you who has responded. There are three possible responses - Going, Not Going, and Thinking, as well as the section that shows who hasn’t responded yet. For the latter two, you’ll be able to remind people to RSVP if you’re still waiting on them.

You can also see the creator of the event, the location, any relevant link (For example, if the event is online it could be the Zoom link, if it is at a specific location, that could be a link to the website of the location), and finally you’ve got the associated chat.

  • The third screen shows the associated chat, and the button in the top right takes you back to the event details.

If you’re the creator of the event, here’s a couple of screens of the flow here. The same button at the bottom of the screen that’s used to create a chat or DM presently will include event creation! Then when clicking on it, you’ll be prompted to select an image, set the name, date/time, description, location and link to an event.

Just a sneak peek, and there’s a lot more to come on this feature, but we would love to know your thoughts! :heart:


This looks great! Can’t wait to try it.

Question: Can the location be linked to maps - eg I put a grid ref or point picked on Maps for a car park to start the cycle from. Click on the link and you get directions straight there or it shows you exactly where it is.


Hi Andrew,

Not for the first release. We have been discussing internally exactly those features:

  1. See a Map (with a pin)
  2. Ability to use Google/Apple Maps to get directions

Thank you


What3Words could be an option?

They have an API:


Yes - W3W has really built its brand up over here despite its proprietary format. Although it good for SAR (and we use it a lot) it has its problems compared to good old grid-references.

Personal view is that both are great! W3W for general location and grid references to be precise!

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Both of these sound a great starting point Rui.


In case you missed it in the other thread, our designer Aleksei has also shared a little about what we’re planning in the “Events V2” I mentioned… :wink: