More cooking - easy Christmas veg

What to do with this lot?

Well, a bit of trimming down to size first:

Top and tailed the carrots and parsnips; skinned the onions and left the root bit on (you’ll see why later); then trimmed the celery down to about 3” (top bits are going to be soup).

Carrots and parsnips into bite size pieces:

And now you see why the bottom of the onion is left on - it’s cut into 8 segments:

Celery and potato into 8 too:

Now mix them all up with 5 tbsp vinaigrette (didn’t have any so made my own - thanks BBC) then bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, salt & pepper as required:

After all that prep here’s the easy bit - seal them in a foil tent leaving room to part steam as well as bake, bung in a baking tray, in the oven to roast for 45 minutes at 200°C. Check to see if they’re done and leave them for longer if required. My baking tray is a Portmerion lasagne dish :wink:

And after all that you should end up with something like this

And if you’re on your own like me that’s one main dish, frittata on day 2, curry on day 3, and if there’s still some left soup on day 4.


Very tasty - like the idea with the onions! Going to try this when we have the veg left next.


The unexpected thing for me was how good cooked celery was - only used to having it in salads with Mayo dribbled down the centre😋


Someone that I cycle with was talking about celery today - he has it dipped in sugar!

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Loool :laughing: That might offset the health benefits, haha!

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