Lockdown 2021 - 12 hours!

Wow - with less than 12 hours we’ve got to shut schools, sort out remote learning and identify Critical Workers and vulnerable children. All in the day of a Headteacher!


Yeah, I heard the news last night. Sounds intense! How are you feeling about it all, Andrew?

Anything we can do to help? @simon and I need to list the next couple of Sphere community events, but would be great for all of us to catch up soon on how we’re all feeling!

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A lot better now thank you! We’ve had a day sorting things out and as always my staff have been brilliant! I need to remember my sphere of influence. Was up till past 2 last night trying to organise things!


Always good to see your team come together in times of crisis :relaxed: Glad to hear you’re getting things sorted.

I like that sphere of influence chart! Reminds me also of the comfort-stretch-panic model too:

growth zones