Introducing Zen Flow - A whole new way of using Sphere [Blog & FAQ]

Hi everyone! We’re super excited that today is the launch day for Zen Flow, a whole new way of using Sphere. Check out the blog post for all the details, as well as some info on what’s to come.


Zen Flow is a brand new home within your sphere. Think of it like a smart feed that you’re in control of, only showing you what you want to see, and directing your attention to what’s new.

With Zen Flow, you can:

  • Create smaller, less chaotic conversations with just the people who care.
  • Enjoy a decluttered group that’s tailored to you. Conversations each have their own dedicated chat and appear in a feed just for your group. This new structure means you can browse through and easily find chats you care about, and swipe away the ones you’re not interested in.
  • Forget overwhelming notifications for every single message. Sphere tells you when new chats start in your group so you won’t miss out if you’re interested, but you’ll only get message notifications for chats you join.


How do I use Zen Flow?

Tap “+ start a chat” to create a new conversation, and select “chat” from chat types.
New conversations appear in your sphere’s feed and everyone will receive a notification.
Chats with the most recently sent message will appear at the top of the feed.

When members see the chats in their feed, from the feed they can:

  • Click on “reply”, which takes you into the chat and gets the keyboard out ready to respond
  • Click on the chat card, which takes you into the chat with the keyboard down, so you can read all past messages, gain context and then join in

How do I hide a chat I’m not interested in seeing from Zen Flow?

Simply tap the 3 dots in the corner and select “hide from the feed” to declutter and keep the feed entirely relevant to what you want to see!

What do the “New” and “Expiring” tags mean?

If a chat is marked with the “New” tag, that means that this particular conversation has been created in the last 12 hours. The expiring tag means that the conversation has had no activity for 20 hours, and will be removed from Zen Flow and moved to the “All Chats” page soon (if there’s no activity for 24 hours) so that your feed doesn’t get cluttered!

Can I start a chat with a picture, announcement or file?

Not at present, although we’re exploring this ideas for future updates to Zen Flow. You are also unable to use embedded @ mentions in the first message of a new conversation.

How do Events work with Zen Flow?

Upcoming events are always prioritised at the top of the feed and appear in bright red whilst awaiting your RSVP, so no members miss them and forget to respond! If RSVP’d to or the event starts, they become de-prioritised and behave like other chats in the feed.