Interesting Tech!

I had a house viewing recently, as I’m moving in the summer, and I had somebody comment on a piece of tech I own. I had kind of forgotten I had it as it just blends in to my room now and is ‘part of the furniture’. Most people seem to think it is cool, albeit extremely nerdy. Regardless of people’s opinion on it, it is certainly rare and actually functional.

Introducing… my live feed dot matrix departure board.

Fully customisable and taps into the genuine national rail feed. In fact it actually has more capability than the real ones hanging on platforms. I didn’t build it, but I have made a few tiny changes to some of the programming. It is run on a tiny little raspberry pi. I don’t claim to fully understand how it works to be honest!

What nerdy/quirky bits of tech do you own?

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Ha, that is bad ass @samethan. That would have been very useful to me a few years ago when I caught a lot more trains, but it is definitely one of the most unique things I’ve seen!

I have a LaMetric Time behind my sofa, which is a programmable smart clock. I use it to track our live YouTube subscriber count. It’s fairly common amongst YouTubers but not sure how well known it is to the general public! It can run lots of different mini apps, most social network follower counts, and it even has some fun dancing animations. But I tend to keep it on the YouTube one most of the time.

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That’s awesome, and exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see on this thread!

I hope that radiator is turned off, though! :grin:

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