How to tackle the monsters holding you back from being a good leader

LOVE this article. The whole thing describes super comprehensively what I’ve been learning about fear the past few years (under @talljeff’s tutelage) . I think this stuff is key to all of us building awesome communities!

Highly recommend giving it a read, but here’s a few good pullouts:

Unconscious leadership happens when we aren’t self-aware, which puts fear in the driver’s seat. Because fear has a limited breadth of vision, it overlooks choices that would empower us and those we serve. At its best, unconscious leadership is weak. At its worst it’s destructive.

When we talk about processing fear, what we really mean is coming to a full realization about how a false belief has hijacked our decision-making while becoming more conscious means choosing to invest our power in the beliefs that serve us (and are actually true).

It’s time to stop blaming the other side for any difficult situation. If we start practicing compassionate self-exploration, individually and collectively, we will uncover whether we are being slaves to our fears or servants to reality and we will emerge from our problems.