Games with a partner

I like the idea of playing some of these with my wife. I played Heavy Rain with my wife when it first came out and we really enjoyed it.…

Any other suggestions?


My partner enjoys watching more than she enjoys playing, although when she gets into a game, she does really get into it - like a lot of people, she had a bit of an Animal Crossing binge when lockdown first started!

She’s been enjoying following the plot progress as I’ve been playing Breath Of The Wild, and I expect she’ll get back into the Switch at some point when there’s something new she wants to play.

As far as games we play together, we have had fun playing the multiplayer Mario that came out a few years back, I think it was the Wii one, and also Rayman Legends on PS4 which has good 2 player co-op.


Yea - Helen is the same. She tends to just follow the story and suggest what to do next. On Heavy Rain she hated it when she had to do anything with the controller especially when it was the quick actions.

She enjoys Overcooked as well which was a free PS+ Game.


Out of curiosity, how have you two found lockdown has impacted your relationships with your partners?

I’ve had three friends recently (literally in the last few days) all talk about pretty intense relationship challenges they’ve faced with people they started dating during lockdown, so I’m curious about its impact on people in longer-term relationships too :thinking:

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I think it has brought us all closer as a family. While I wouldn’t say that we enjoyed the first lockdown it certainly wasn’t a negative experience in any way for us. We were also lucky enough to to have a stable job throughout the lockdown which eased any money troubles etc.

I know from a number of people that it’s been very stressful and has resulted in breakups. :cry: