Freedom of speech and how we treat each other online

We’ll be discussing this topic this Thursday! Sign up on Luma if you wanna join. Please also feel free to kick off discussion and add thoughts in this thread if you’d like.

Heads-up that we also plan to record the event and leverage quotes from people on social media etc, but we’ll always check with people before sharing specific things they’ve said. If anyone doesn’t want to be recorded, feel free to turn your camera off or DM me if you’d like to discuss :blush:

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Great read Simon just shared with me about the myths of preventing and dealing with online abuse on tech platforms.

Anil really nails the key points!!

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Some good reading for tonight’s discussion:

I also really liked Jack Dorsey’s thread on Twitter:

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Hey all, thank you so much to everyone who came to this event, you all made such amazing points :raised_hands: and I’ve been really enjoying turning it into a Twitter thread + Instagram carousel!

If anyone wants to take a look it’s on our handle is @spheremessenger and the posts are here:


Really love the thread, Lily! :heart_eyes:

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