Events have arrived! 🎉

We’re super happy to let you all know that the first version of Events is now released on all platforms of Sphere! Make sure your apps are updated to try them out. You can get more details from Simon’s blog post above, but I’ll explain a little too about what we tried to achieve:

Everything in one place :house:
We wanted to bring all your group’s chats and events together in one home, so events on Sphere live with the rest of your chats. No more flipping between different solutions!

Better organised discussion :speech_balloon:
Each event gets its own dedicated chat, so you can sort lifts, talk itinerary & share memories with those attending.

Never miss out on an event :confetti_ball:
New events pop to the top of your group - and stay there until you RSVP - so that no one misses out on activities they care about.

Don’t stress about RSVPs :relieved:
Easily stay on top of who’s coming to your events, so you can feel relaxed when organising.

But this is just the beginning! We’re already working on letting you edit events, and send updates and reminders for them too, so expect to hear more about that soon.

If you have any thoughts or questions, shoot them in here and I - or someone else on the team - will be happy to answer! :heart:


Great work, @Alec @Attila @rui and everyone else involved! Really happy to see this come to fruition :rocket:

Alec, your presentation yesterday was awesome. Loved @yoramstone’s suggestion about having you do Downing Street presentations :grin: