Cyberpunk 2077 Game

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get caught up in the hype for this. All I knew was that it got delayed a bunch of times. But now that it’s about to get released - it does look good.

Anyone planning on picking this up?

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Got it on preorder - hopefully should be downloading now so I can play on Thursday!

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Four and half hours till I could play. Unfortunately I’m so tired I’m going to have to wait until I get home from work tomorrow!


Wow… this is seriously impressive!

People have been waiting to play it for a long time! I didn’t realise it had been announced for so long:

Cyberpunk 2077 was announced in May 2012.[50] In January 2013, a teaser trailer was released.[106] The game was confirmed for Microsoft Windows the same year,[107] and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at E3 2018,[108] where they revealed a second trailer and a media-exclusive, pre-alpha gameplay demonstration,[109][110][111] displayed to the public in August, following its appearance at Gamescom.[112]

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I’m reading that the PS4 version is very buggy :pensive:

Might wait to play this one til next year, when the bugs are ironed out and perhaps I might have a PS5 by then (planning on getting one in Feb or so)

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I’ve had a few crashes on it but nothing major so far. The PS4 version includes a free upgrade to the PS5 version. I’m enjoying it but certainly not one to play with the kids around! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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I’m tempted to play it on Stadia, since the game itself would be powered in the cloud, and I have a strong internet connection. But the free PS5 upgrade seems promising too. Decisions, decisions.

My Stadia is still in the box right now.

It appears you can get Stadia on iOS now as well through Safari.

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Wow. Sony pulled the game from the PS Store due to the bugs. I still have FOMO but glad I didn’t jump the gun and buy the PS version.

I’m reading that it’s the first game they’ve pulled and they’ve done it because the original company that produced it officially offered everyone a refund without consulting Sony. Sounds like they’ve pulled it out of annoyance. It is buggy but I’ve played a lot worse which haven’t been pulled.


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