Cooking with Colin

Was going to play Warcraft (see Introduce Yourself! 👋) then realised it was later than I thought so had a quick look in the cupboard and came up with this:
Frozen peppers & shallots (fancy, but I’ve no onions!) fried in a bit of oil for 5-10 minutes to soften them up

Chuck in 200g rice (using ordinary long grain but you can go for arborio if you have any)

Half way through decided to bung some frozen spinach in as the green peppers lose their colour in cooking

Nearly there, just need to add Parmesan and quite a bit of black pepper

And there we have it - with enough for a couple more servings going into the freezer for emergencies (or when I can’t be bothered cooking)

Started at 12:45 according to the timestamp on the photos and ready to eat 13:50.


That looks awesome! If I get some vegan parmesan I could recreate it :yum:


Ps No salt added, gets enough from the stock cubes. Oh, and here’s another tip - crumble them in first and just add a litre of hot water slowly. Sometime you don’t need a litre, depends on the rice. That way you don’t waste any of the stock cube flavour. :yum:


Those pics have me salivating a little now, Colin :drooling_face:

Time for someone to invent scratch n sniff internet :grinning:

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Wow - looks amazing! I thought it was pizza at first!

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