Christmas cakes

Anyone else baking their own? Here’s the fruit for mine. Think I’m going to cook it tomorrow! Soaked in rum!

@simon or @jeremy we need a cooking / baking section !


I wouldn’t even know where to begin!!! That looks like a good start though :blush:

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It smells delightful. I’m going for the Hairy Bikers recipe this year.

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Soaked in rum sounds great, Andrew :relaxed: Send us a pic when it’s done!!

I’m not super into Christmas cakes myself, but even if I was, my dad runs the kitchen here… learned my lesson a couple of times when I’ve tried to cook here that it’s easier to just let him be head chef, lol.

I wonder if @ColinRobinson would be up for a cooking section too! Maybe if enough threads accumulate on it, we can create one :thinking: I reckon we’ll probably make you an admin at some point too, Andrew (just need to discuss our process a bit more for that with Simon first), if you’re up for that :tophat:


I’ve only started enjoying baking and cooking since lockdown when I had a bit more time. I’m far from being good at it! :joy:

Here’s the cooked cake - next to ice and decorate (the part I’m not looking forward to).

Really looking forward to piece with a chunk of Wensleydale cheese in it. :man_cook:

Happy to help out any way I can @jeremy.


Oh woooow. That does actually look delicious :heart_eyes: You’ve got me salivating now, especially at the mention of Wensleydale cheese :drooling_face:

Actually, you got me thinking. Although I haven’t really baked or cooked much during lockdown (even when I lived on my own in my Soho flat, I brought food from home every week and just did light cooking), I’ve really enjoyed treating myself to delicious food at times, eg cupcakes, vegan meals, and burgers I enjoy.

Not being able to go out or socialise as much has helped me to enjoy simpler things like that!


And it’s finished!


Work of art!! :star_struck::art: Hope you enjoy :relaxed:

I stuffed myself with my nephew’s birthday cake at the weekend and will be burning it off all week :sweat_smile:

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Ross that looks delicious and I love your decorations! I make a cake every year, and so far I’ve iced it but the decorating is on hold until tomorrow when I’ve got the day off. Currently it has cardboard cutout decorations as a stop gap from the pre-weighed ingredients box I bought (love the fact I didn’t end up with half used pots of mixed peel and glacé cherries at the back of the cupboard!)


Looks lovely - what a great idea having all the ingredients already weighed out. Does it have the spices sorted as well - I spent a fortune on spices and only used 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of each!

Looking forward to seeing the decorated cake!